Into the Whirlwind

By Charlie Johnston (I am trying a different theme. The most dramatic operational thing that is different is that to pull up material that used to be in the sidebar, you need to go to the top right of the site and click on the “Menu” tab. It will open up all those sidebar options […]

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Love Among the Ruins

By Charlie Johnston Few people are shocked to learn that my Mom was 15 years old when I was born. Most are shocked to learn that she had been married to my Dad for over a year and a half when I arrived. She was married about a week after her 14th birthday when Dad […]

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Welcome to A Sign of Hope

By Charlie Johnston Welcome to our new site, “A Sign of Hope.” As the old year came to an end, we saw many promising cracks in the monolithic anti-God culture around us. Pious pretensions in Hollywood, the media, and politics came crashing down in a sudden tumult. Oh, the usual suspects are still braying, but […]

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