Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him, O Lord

  Anthony Mullen, prominent Marian advocate and devotee in our times, died unexpectedly on Saturday, March 10th. He was a dear friend of TNRS and ASOH. Charlie featured several pieces written by Tony who was filled with zeal for promoting many initiatives of nurturing faith, including Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary and the Flame of […]

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This is Not the End

(I have been depressed by hearing growing numbers of people I respect pondering whether we are reaching the end of all things. At this point, the crises in the Church seems to drive it more, even, than the serial crises in the world. I do not speak publicly in overtly prophetic terms anymore, so you […]

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Marking Time

(I was just finishing a piece I had worked on over the weekend when I must have hit a combination of buttons on Microsoft Word that wiped it out. I will re-write tomorrow. Hate that. Meantime, I am reprinting a piece I wrote on January 11, over a year ago, when the news of the […]

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What is Truth

    By Charlie Johnston It has been a challenging week. Last Sunday I had one of my periodic neurological episodes. When it happens, my mind gets fuzzy, my head gets sweaty, the pain spikes terribly, and I get nauseous. Not pleasant, but I was about two months overdue – and I kind of look […]

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